Thursday, July 15, 2010

Princes of the Brotherhood of the Lion

The Brotherhood of the Lion is the formal name of the thieves guild of the City State of the Invincible Overlord. It originated among rebel Ghinorians after the Tharian Overlords took control of City State over a hundred years ago. Since then their ideals of liberation has turned to thoughts involving Mammon instead of Mitra.

In the mid 90s I ran a slew of what I call them campaigns. Basically everybody played a member of a group or organization in the Majestic Wilderlands. In this campaign everybody played a member of the Brotherhood of the Lion. Because Dwayne of Gamer's Closet insisted on playing a mage the idea of foggers was born which evolved into the Mountebanks of Supplement VI Majestic Wilderlands.

These campaign required details of the organization which fed as background into later campaigns. Because the campaign was effectively a playtest involving players the result was something better then if I created it as mere background for an adventure.

While cleaning up I found a notebook detailing the Princes of the Brotherhood. The ruler of Ghinorian Realms were known as Princes; the Brotherhood being what it is co-opted the title for their own use to designated the bosses of bosses.

Like most of the stuff I did with the Majestic Wilderlands I didn't throw away Mr. Bledsaw work and incorporated what he wrote about the thieves guild into my version.

Kaflatela "Hound of Death" Grand Prince
  • can be found at the Guildhouse in the Dagger's Noose (a tavern that acted as the front)
  • fighting style is like Slice. (Slice Handler was a fighter ran by Tim of Gothridge Manor who was noted for using daggers ... lots and lots of daggers.)
  • very fond of dogs
Krevos the Successor
  • My immediate boss. (I guess I meant the player's both specifically Tim's character Dane)
  • can be found at the Pleasure Dome or the Singing Skald
  • Hiristimiles is his mage. (A high level Montebank)
Andrid the Pilferer
  • a true noble
  • can be found at the Wild Flail Inn or the Bath of Blissful Paradise
Zorm the Gristle Dome
  • can be found at the Water dog flop house
  • deals with children criminals and general low life
Vainak the Thief
  • can be found at the She-Devil Tavern or the Happy Harpy
  • likes to have woman dominate him
  • collector for the Brotherhood
Fassith the Tight Lipped
  • can be found at the Goblin Reservation
  • pockfaced and greasy
  • harem of goblin females
  • known to betray friends for favors
  • only known friend is Slevyous
Slevyous the Scoundrel
  • scarfaced and one eyed
  • can be found at the Silver Eel Inn
  • a slaver
  • always has a slave girl and crippled slave boy with him
  • beats the slave boy in public
  • mysterious (yeah a bit terse but this was the one prince that the players never messed around with)
  • has a falcon named Banshee. Trained to attack
  • newest Prince, won the title by bloody battles with his predecessor.
  • can be found at the Dragon Head Inn (formally the Red Pearl Inn). (Shadowhawk was a minor part of a previous campaign involving Tim and Dwayne character's Draco-lindus and William Enderil. They may a tacit alliance with Shadowhawk and allowed him to use their tavern).
Blue Dolphin Gang (Out of the Blue Dolphin Inn)
Red Axe Gang (out of the Red Axe Inn)

You can see a pdf of the original notes here. And read more of the Brotherhood here. And for those new to my blog I have a long standing website with a variety of Majestic Wilderlands information here.

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