Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Points of Light Ad

My newer readers may not know that I am the co-author of Points of Light I and Points of Light II: The Sunrise Sea. Dwayne of Gamer's Closet, myself, and with more than a little help from Tim of Gothridge Manor produced two supplements for any edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game.

The both consist of four mini-settings. Regions roughly 125 by 95 miles. They are presented as hex maps with a list of locales keyed by hex number. The idea that the regions are small enough to be dropped into just about any fantasy campaign. Also a light background is provided so that those who want to can tie them together into a larger campaign setting.

Points of Light
Wildland: The fall of the Bright Empire left warring factions in its wake. As savage barbarians and wicked humanoids roam the land, the last bastions of civilization cower behind their crumbling city walls. A dark age has come, and none may live to tell the tale.

Southland: On the frontiers of the Great Kingdom, the nations of men, elves and dwarves join together against the wicked elves of Nighportal Keep and the Orcs of the Bloody Fist. A realm is yours for the taking, if you can carve it from the wilderness.

Borderland: Two factions clash over war-torn fields, battling for dominance in a civil war that that has torn a once-mighty empire in two. When brother strives against brother, and blood runs in the streets, who will emerge to unify the broken land -- and at what cost, peace?

The Swamps of Acheron: In the Outer Planes, amid fetid swamplands and ice-choked mountains, the fell god Sarrath holds court. In a realm where gods stalk the earth, will you dare to take a stand, or will you succumb to evil's siren song and take up the Serpent Banner?

Points of Light II: The Sunrise Sea
The Golden Shores: A land in the midst of being colonized, where adventurers can encounter unknown cultures, old enemies, and battle a darkness that has haunted the land for millennia.

Amacui: A frontier land with only a single trading post representing the civilized world, but there are many ruins to explore and new civilizations to discover.

The Misty Isle: The greatest threat to exploration is not the natives or ‘things man is not meant to know,’ but enemies from the old world. Here in the Misty Isles, enemies from different realms and factions fight amid the jungles and islands.

Mazatl, the Realm of the Bat God: Rising from the vast Jungles of Zaracar is a massive shield volcano. Here the blood god, Azartac, lives in the city of Mazatl in the volcano’s caldera.

As for a Points of Light III, IV, etc? I can't really get into details but the good news is that the settings are still owned by me. So I will be able to continue the series under a different name in the future. But there is a bunch of other stuff in the queue first.

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Anonymous said...

I have both of these, and I have to say they're among my favorite products I've bought in the last few years. Very fine work.