Monday, March 15, 2010

A preview of the Scourge of the Demon Wolf

I am hard at work on my next product an adventure titled the Scourge of the Demon Wolf. It is representative of how most of the adventure I run in the Majestic Wilderland work. Most are highly situational and results from the PC poking around. After I ran this one it turned out to be able to work well as a standalone adventure and I have run it several times at gaming conventions.

Here are some maps that I recently completed for the adventure.

The small crossroads hamlet of Denison's Crossing.

The lair of some nasty bandits.

The village of Kensla one of the main locales of the adventure

I am going to try to make this product useful both as an adventure and as a collection of locales that you can place in your game. So while Kensla is part of the adventure additional detail is supplied so you can use Kensla as a typical farming village in your campaign. The same with the bandit lair, and other locale featured in the Scourge of the Demon Wolf. Finally I hope the adventure give a sense of what life is like in the Majestic Wilderlands. A low level view compared to the high level view in Supplement VI.


Flynn said...

Your maps are amazing, as always. I am looking forward to checking this out, once you have completed it. :)

With Regards,

Timeshadows said...

Your maps have a very unique look to them, Rob.
--Really nice, as usual. :)

Badmike said...

This product might fill a good niche in my sandbox....hurry it up Rob!!! :)

Rusty said...

This looks great, Rob. I'm a big fan of your maps.

pookie said...

Nice maps. I am not always a fan of hex maps, but these are well done.

Gothridge Manor said...

I really like your village map. Very nice. Might hit you up for one soon.

Anonymous said...

I like the burial catacombs. Nice variation to the inevitably goth-styled graveyard.

(Just this morning I was reading the intro adventures that came with the French RPG, Chroniques Oubliees. In there was a village map, with a graveyard as big as the whole village.)

Anonymous said...

As always, gorgeous maps. Beautifully done and very useful looking. I'd buy this!