Saturday, March 27, 2010

He who shall not be named.

It fantastic that the Rusty Battle Axe found to way to pursue what he likes yet not impact his day job.

So now he become the gamer known as the Rusty Battle Axe and if for whatever reason he appears in a photo this will be photoshopped in it's place.

Yes I indeed own a rusty battle axe.

As an aside I achieved the background effect by photographing it on the hood of my car in full sunlight. I need a large expanse of a single color and none of the background papers my wife uses for photographing her hairsticks was large enough. But after I saw the result I decided to go with the image as is.

A hairstick is a piece of jewelry used to hold a hairdo. Typically used by those with long hair. Kelly Anne's shop is here.

She does custom order which I mention because does do gamer related hairsticks as seen here. She doesn't have any listed at the moment hence the mention that she does custom orders.

She also makes glow in the dark hairsticks as well.


Rusty said...

Ha ha ha. Very funny.

The Bane said...

Er, somewhat off topic, but I HAVE to ask.. "What is a 'hairstick'!?"


James said...

@ Bane - And why would you photograph one? I think I know what a Hairstick is: A stick like thing, which women use to hold up their hairdo?

Does she make and sell these? Inquiring minds want to know!

The Rusty Battle Axe picture looks good.

Jeff Rients said...

I had that same axe as a kid.

ze bulette said...

That's actually a pretty sweet picture. Hey, is that the Virgin Mary in the bottom right corner?!? WEIRD.

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