Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Otherworld Minatures + Goblinoid Games = Something Awesome

A couple of weeks back I was approached by Richard from Otherworld Miniatures about contributing a small adventure to the upcoming boxed set of miniatures of Labyrinth Lord. I said

"Mmm let me think about it, yes!"

Basically the process is that it starts out with a background, then that is handed off to the first author who does his section and then the whole package is handed off to the next author and so forth down the line. Each of has a particular theme and a roster to use (Forest, Level 1, etc) . My own contribution will be involving a swamp some boglings, lizardmen, and well the rest will have to wait.

The nice thing about this project is that is plays to my strength from being involved running NERO live-action. Unlike a table top game every NERO event is essentially a collaborative effort. So while I have some ideas for my swamp I won't know what I will be doing with it until I get handed the "package" and see what the previous authors have done. With the caliber of folks involved I am sure there will be plenty of good ideas for me to weave in with my own.


Unknown said...

An interesting follow-on would be to create pre-generated characters for each 'hero-type' miniature, complete with a few lines of background story.

Aaron E. Steele said...

Lizardmen? Hopefully your efforts will inspire a few more lizardman sculpts...