Monday, March 8, 2010

My son's first map

My youngest is 5 years old. I was helping his older brother put together a school project and he wanted to do a project too. One of leftover was a big sheet of yellow posterboard. So he took and went away to his "project". An hour or two later he returned with this. It hard to take a good clear picture of a large posterboard so I annotated it.

The title of the map is Lego Land. Here is his account of who lives here.

Cloud Land
Where the clouds are.

Spring Land
The ground keeps going up and down like a spring

Where the really bad people are. Note his older brother has developed an obsession with the Lord of the Rings so the youngest been getting an education on Tolkien lately.

This is a sandy place where the Bionicles lives. I think he means Baramanga.

Where people live snow cave.

Road 1
Where people take off and land.

Road 2
Another place where people take off and land.

The Shuttle between roads
Taking people between the two roads.

Riding on her motorcycle. She has special powers.

Pot Bot
A monster village

Another monster village

A Bionicle Beach

Pot Not
Still another monster village

where all the good people are but nobody sleeps there

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have.


Gothridge Manor said...

Great Map! You have some competition in the Conley household now.

Zachary Houghton said...

That is precious!

Christopher B said...

Very cool; who would have guessed that Mordor was in Lego land? :D

Rusty said...

Very cool, Rob.

Can we expect a Mordor version of this soon:

Anonymous said...

That is really awesome. I had a similar experience with my 4 year old daughter: