Sunday, April 19, 2020

A report from the Attic, a Bat in the Attic Update

I hope everybody keeping safe and well.

A small bit of good news, Onebookshelf announced that they will be resuming card and poster printing. In this post I stated that I will be sending complimentary print coupon to anybody who buys the map PDFs. This will be an at-cost plus $1 so the use of the coupon will register as a sale. The post has the costs. Any PDF made today or Monday up until they open up print sales for cards/posters will still get the complimentary print coupon. I expect to have them emailed no later than the end of the week so check your inbox on DriveThruRPG.

In other developments work still continues on the Wild North although I slowed down to work other project I have in the hopper. Namely an adventure that I will be calling Night Bride's Coven. An adventure deep within the Forest of Remorse a forested region inhabited by a variety of evil denizens including some evil magic users who banded together as the Night Bride's Coven. I was not sure how long the shutdown of OBS' card/printing facility will be and figured I need to work on something that just a book. A portion of the map is below. The digital version won't be just a PDF but have versions suitable for Virtual Tabletop Software like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

Last I submitted my first quarter royalty report to Robert Bledsaw II of Judges Guild. As part of that we came to an agreement on what I was owed for doing the remaining nine maps. Which also determines how long the royalty waiver I was granted will last. See Concerning Bat in the Attic Games.

Currently I am 45% of the way to reaching the agreed upon amount. This is an increase from 37% from January 1st. Because of the Covid-19 situation I estimate I will hit the amount I am owed by the end of the year. I will have a better feel for this after the 2nd quarter report.

After this point per my license agreement I will turn over any files I have not given yet and remove the items from sales from my storefronts.

Again everybody keep safe and healthy.