Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everybody talking about Sleep

Tim Shorts and Douglas Cole both talk about sleep spells. When I run a classic DnD game (Swords and Wizardry, ADnD 1st, etc). I ignore the HD chart and simply have the players roll 4d4 for the number of hit dice they effect. With a cap of 4 HD as the highest that can be effected. Area of effect is all enemies within line of sight. I never made starting at the lowest HD a formal rule but thanks to the clarity of 5e's version of sleep, I will make that a formal part of my house rule.

Also the use of current hits points by 5e is really interesting in terms of tactics. I may adopt this in lieu of HD.

On the Wilderlands Map project I am halfway completed having done Map 1 (City-State), Map 2 (Barbarian Altantis), Map 12 (The Isles of the Blest), Map 11 (Ghinor), Map 17 (The Silver Skein Isles), Map 15 (The Isles of Dawn), Map 4 (Tarantis), and Map 3 (The Valley of the Ancients).

While the proofing catch up I am back to going layer by layer on the remaining nine. I completed all the roads, all the alpine terrain on the mountains, and in the midst of finishing up the snow caps on various mountians. After that will be swamps, plains, desert scrub, desert sand, jungle, and finally forest.

With this the only I need to do to complete a map is type in the various map keys and do the post processing steps to turn a section into a finished map. It looking I will be finished with the initial version of all 18 within weeks.

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