Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wild North Progress

While priority has been getting the Wilderlands maps done, I have other projects going on. Namely my next Bat in the Attic product a revamp of the Wild North. The idea is to update the Wild North to the standards of Blackmarsh and my other hexcrawl settings. And to rework the southern edge of the map to work with Blackmarsh.

I did a preliminary version of the southern edge in the combined Blackmarsh map I made.

Then during my vacation I used my laptop to edit the original Wild North map. The laptop isn't up to the task of editing the massive Wilderlands maps so I brought the Wild North files. I was able to get the map reworked to where it match Blackmarsh both in geography and presentation. Still needs some work but it is basically done.

Now I can start working on the text.


Scott Anderson said...

That's such a pretty map. Good job.

While committing my own imagination to digital paper, fitting various collections of ideas (settings?) with each other usually happens retroactively.

Ben Monroe said...

Awesome! I'm a big fan of your Blackmarsh and Points of Light books. Can't wait to see your latest.

Andrew Collas said...

I know I am a bit late to the party, but I just ordered a print copy of Blackmarsh from RPGNOW. I am really enthralled by what you've got here and am going to run my next campaign based on the players being members of the Royal Geographical Society sent to explore the realm for the Grand Kingdom that has replaced the Bright Empire. Should be fun!

I came to this because of the two Points of Light setting books and went seeking a third and found Blackmarsh.

Question, on the S&W site you presented this campaign setting and referred to the "Lands of Adventure" setting. I can't find anything on it anywhere, any chance you could give me a hint? (

In the mean time I can't wait to get my printed copy!