Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The tramp of doom stopped at my door and the delivered two boxes of Dwarven Forge!

After opening them I find yet even more boxes! Those devilish Dwarves and their obsession with properly guarding treasure!

Our kitten wonders what the fuss is about.

And several hour later and many small plastic bags thrown away the long awaited treasure lies before us.

Now I need to figure how to transport this stuff to bring Tegal Manor to life this Saturday.

I use the box that Dwayne of Gamer's Closet made to pack all the walls, corners, diagonal walls, and windows pieces.  I took a couple of the smaller boxes and used those to pack the floors, doors, special walls, and round walls.  A bead tray serves to hold the various bits of furniture. Finally I will go to Jo-ann Craft store and find a bigger bead tray/container to hold the remaining pieces in the little boxes.

Overall I am quite pleased with what I got. All my door pieces operated correctly. I think they may be the best door pieces I have to date. The 4 by 6 floors were warped slightly as reported by many others but not badly. Just enough to be noticeable. I am missing a bench piece out of the hundreds that were shipped. And finally Dwarven Forge threw in a bunch of brushes that I didn't expect with the paints I ordered.

All and all it was expensive but I feel it money well spent. I will put a post showing the stuff in action when the J Squad returns to Tegal Manor on Saturday!


Kelly Anne said...

Litteny goodness.

Chris C. said...

That's awesome, Rob. It looks like money well spent, indeed.

Greg G said...

Looks good. Some bowing with the larger tiles?

Robert Conley said...

A little with the 4x6 floors

Jim said...

Got mine on Friday! Very pleased. Please post pics of Tegel Manor! I love that kind of stuff!