Sunday, October 20, 2013

Digital Orc gets a A+ rating!

One of the events I attended at Con on the Cob was a session ran by Dylan Hartwell  of Digital Orc revolving around the Menagerie of the Ice Lord. Dylan is an excellent referee, incredibly enthusiastic and runs a great adventure.

One thing that gets my A+ rating that Dylan subtlety interconnects all the adventures in his product line. He does it with a light touch so each stands on its own but if you want to interconnect them in a campaign the option is there.

So head over to RPGNow or to the Digital Orc and try to give Dylan some of your business. His work deserves to be enjoyed by a wider audience.

And remember to keep your Kirby Hand Strong!


Digital Orc said...

Keep your hand up! Great time, thanks for stopping by!

Mystic Scholar said...

Sorry I missed it, but glad you guys had a good time because that's the "nature of the game."