Friday, April 8, 2011

Then there are the days I really hate computers.

Well it happened again, the Hard Drive my computer crashed, sigh. The only good news is that Hard Drive isn't gone only unusable as a drive. Thanks to TestDisk again I am able to pull off any data that I haven't backed up. The thing that irks me about Test Disk is that it uses the current date on the copied files. I also recommend the Universal Boot Disk, it is a linux distro on a CD and has a complete suite of diagnostic, disk management and disk recovery. The Linux OS and tools have a come a long way in the past five years. While novices would be lost, people who have some knowledge of their computer will find the tools useful.

The other good news is that I will be able to turn this in for Warranty repair, and when I get it back I will have two hard drives on my system of equal capacity. I use a USB Hard Drive for backup of my writing and software development. As part of my backup routine I save my writing folder after a major project is finished. Since I just finished Blackmarsh my last backup of my writing was only a day old.

But my hometown computer stores did not have a 1 TB Hard Drive in stock anywhere so it is off to Erie today to pick one up. With luck I will be able to do some work on Scourge on Sunday, and be able to run Monday's game using Fantasy Grounds and Skype.

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Anonymous said...

the forensic distros led the way for a lot of those tools becoming better :)

Ever thought of getting cloud storage? It is cheap and easy these days and you won't have to scour dead or dying drives for data.

Good luck with the business of recovery.