Thursday, April 7, 2011

A peek into the Majestic Wilderlands

In the Majestic Wilderlands,I mentioned that among the Elessarians, the power of justice was in the hands of a druidic order known as the Trehaen. Elessarians nobles while wealthy were mainly administrators and police. I wrote this as part of intro packet into the Elessarian cultures.
Listen now to the Judgment of the Trehaen. Unto you was given the trust of the people of the Barony of Oxhorn. To protect and defend them from the monsters ranging from the Land of Beasts. Instead your spent your days in Damkina and worse Viridistan drinking, gambling and whoring. Squandering that which your forefathers and peers worked so long to build. For those of a lesser station such actions would be pitied and have little consequence other than to your honor. But for one of your station the consequences were far more severe as witnessed by the dead of Andown, Heatherdale, and Cloras.

By the testimony of your peers we bear witness to your indifference and worse your active interference with those who tried to fulfill the duty you failed to do so. For this, you and your clan’s property are to be confiscated and divided among the survivors of Andown, Heatherdale, and Cloras. In addition, I have in my possession a writ from the White King at Damkina concerning your title and person. It decrees that you are to be stripped of title and office. That for dereliction of duty and loss of life that you are to hang until dead.

I order these judgments to be immediately carried out and may the High Lord have mercy on your soul Baron Pharadar.

Trehaen Leothar at the Trial of Baron Pharadar
The Kingdom of Damkina, 4382 BCCC

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That is some justice!

Good "fluff" for the Wilderlands :)