Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today is Harn Day!

The latest Harnquest arrived today. It is a light issue two hefty articles and a map.

The first is the keep of Bedenes in Rethem. It is an illegal keep constructed hastily by the Warrior of Mameka, a fighting order of the Church of Agrik (lawful evil fire god) to be used as a based in their holy crusade into Peran the home of the fierce Kubora barbarians.

However things are catching up with the evil order as two years ago several dozen men (which is a lot for Harn) were wiped out by the Kubora while exploring Peran. This along with the enmity of the nearby Earl Tormau means things don't bode well for the order.

The article details the village and keep of Bedenes along with it's attached monastery belonging to the clerical order Mamaka, Master of Steel. Like most recent Harn articles it expands to include notes on the people and politics of the settlement and region. It does a good job of portraying an "evil" organization and it's grip on a region. The material ties into the previous Harnquest with it's focus on Peran and the Kubora.

The next article is about birds, lots and lost of bird. The Harnic Bestiary is being released in bits and pieces and this is it's latest installment. It covers bird hunting as well as falconry. In addition to eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and ravens, it covers the Northern Eagle, a giant bird with a 20 feet wingspan! And the Dreadwalker which is a giant flightless bird similar to the Terror Birds of the Paleocene.

The map begins the expansion of the detail maps of Harn into Rethem. It details the area around Tormau the home of a rebellious earl that threatens to plunge Rethem into civil war.

As usual Columbia Games does a good job and I am looking forward to the next installment.


Dan said...

Wait. You mean they've actually started publishing Rethem articles?

Robert Conley said...

Yes apparently the next Harnquest will have the first part of Rethem in it.