Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Canoes, Organic Gardening, and Games Oh My!

What does Canoes, Organic Gardening, and Gaming have in common? Most of the time nothing; but at Outback Adventure Games in Tionesta, Pennsylvania. You will find all three.

On the gaming side, they have a good selection of 4th edition D&D, and several popular euro style board games. Plus they have a smaller selection of Call of Cthulu, GURPS and other RPGs. Coupled with a couple of minatures, Axis & Allies, Star Wars, etc. And dice lots of dice. It is a small game store but has a full range of modern product lines. Interestingly it appears to be the only Game Store in that region of Pennsylvania. From Warren to Clarion, Oil City to the east.

Kelly Anne, my wife, was pleased to find gardening supplies and picked up a bag of bird poop err sea bird guano plus a bag of organic fertilizer.

The owner Steven is a nice guy and enthusiastic about the hobby. He has been operating the store for a year as a sideline to his internet business and of course the canoe rental, organic and indoor gardening supplies. Don't let the store front fool you. When you walk you will see that much of the back half of the place is filled with gaming goodness. If you live in the area give him a call and see if he has what you are looking for. He just may have it.

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Stefan Poag said...

Maybe 'diversifying' your products could be the key to success for game store owners.
Who knows how many 30 somethings might wander into the store in search of heirloom tomatoes and then see the D&D books and say to themselves, "Hey! I remember playing that game back in the day!" and bring home a copy in hopes of prying the kids away from the MMORPG for a few hours.