Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looks like it is inline stats for modules

I appreciate the input given so far. Inline stats with the encounter descriptions still looks to be the be majority choice. Luckily for the Old School Renaissance the stat blocks we use are far more easier to detail with than say d20 or 4e.

As for the MW versus Core quandary, I think the best solution is offer two versions, aka Brave Halfling's Ruins of Ramat, with one version with Majestic Wilderlands stats and other with Core D&D stats. Finally have both set of stat blocks as an appendix in each version. This way if the print buyer changes their mind later they have both at their fingertips. And the get the advantage of Hackmaster style battle sheets for those who like that. With RPGNow PDFs I can just offer both in the same package.

Again thanks for everybody comments.

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