Friday, July 27, 2018

My first Fantasy Trip Aid also useful for GURPS and Dungeon Fantasy

A long time ago I made a set of customized graph paper to use with GURPS after I purchased the Cardboard Heroes: Dungeon Floors.

As you can see from the image below, SJ Games cleverly squashed the hexes to allow them to align with a rectangular grid. I drew up some graph paper so I can easily draw dungeons for my Majestic Wilderlands when I used GURPS as the rules.

After pledging to the The Fantasy Trip kickstarter I found a copy of In the Labyrinth for a reasonable price on eBay and bought it. In there and in the original Wizard which I also have. The Fantasy Trip has the concept of magahexes, a larger hex encompassing seven small hexes. It is used to adjudicate long ranges, area spells and other effects.

So I pulled out the old file and added a layer with Mega Hex border.

You can download it from here.

It is layered with the border, hexes, megahexes, and grid on separate layers. The advantage of this is that you can draw or transpose dungeon laid out on a grid to use with the hex map format of GURPS or The Fantasy Trip.


Jeff V. said...

Brilliant, as always, Rob. Thanks for sharing. Also, were you aware of the "square megahexes" that were developed by Craig Barber a few years ago? You can find them at this location:

They are an interesting take on using a hex-based system to draw right angle things from the "top down" (assuming, that is, that we consider your brilliant play aid here as doing it from the "bottom up.")

Have I mentioned lately how much I admire (and use) your work? ;-)

Robert Conley said...

Just checked out the link, that was interesting how Craig laid out the hexes.

Appreciate the compliment. Just ordered the proofs for Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde so if all goes well there should be a new release in a handful of weeks.