Friday, July 13, 2018

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and the Hall of Judgment

The latest from Douglas Code is a kickstarter for an adventure for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy called the Hall of Judgment. It is an adaptation and revision of his earlier adventure Lost Hall of Tyr for the GURPS system. It is noteworthy because in part it is an experiment by SJ Games to see how 3rd party publisher support will be received by the fans of GURPS and how it will work out in the long run.

So far the kickstarter has been a success and it is now in it's last 24 hours. If you are a fan of GURPS and fantasy I recommend checking it out. Doug has a passion for Viking myth and legend and it shows in his previous works giving them a distinct feel. He knows GURPS inside and out and the mechanics side of the adventure will be solid. Finally he mastered the tricky art of making full color layouts and his books are a treat to read.


Charles Saeger said...

So, I’ll ask the question: any chance of Dungeon Fantasy Majestic Wilderlands?

Robert Conley said...

I am interested however I got some projects to work through first. But after those are done I will sending in a inquiry.

Charles Saeger said...

Yeah, I know about the Judges Guild, and I presume a few others. But it will be good to see something wilderness-focused and otherwise a little beyond the usual dungeon delving for DF. I'd offer to help out, but I know you don't need to know the SJG formatting guides for a third-party product.