Tuesday, October 24, 2017

D&D is back in the mainstream.

Well looks like D&D is back in the mainstream. An interesting article in the New Yorker.

Having grown up with the first video games like Pong, Space Invaders, and Atari. Then moving on to PC Gaming, then MMORPGs, etc, etc. It satisfying to see people balancing out things with a healthy does of face to face gaming. I have two sons, one is 20 and one is 13. There is a marked difference between the attitudes of how kids treated gaming when my eldest was 13 compared to what my youngest is experiencing now that he is 13. I am involved in Scouting and over the past five years there is a definite uptick in face to face gaming of all type including tabletop roleplaying.

Although to be fair, the people we owe the biggest thanks too are the euro-game companies who figured out first how to make face to face work in the internet era.


Scott Anderson said...

Having a great local game store where kids and adults can go to play games is a huge boon for face to face gaming. Finding a group that plays in a private home is very difficult.

Darva said...

If by mainstream you mean that Wizards of the Coast is buying multipage advertising thinly disguised as journalism again, sure why not?