Saturday, October 21, 2017

A project I am working on

I was thinking of something I could do for Swords and Wizardry Continual Light. Then this came to me as an idea for a setting.

Far beyond the Borderlands,
Beneath the shadowed eaves,
The sighing wind blows,
And the elf maiden grieves.

In the sun, bright steel glints
War drums echos amid the dells.
The land stained red
Orc and Men alike fell.

In darkling fens
And vast caverns deep,
Shadows come alive
and death creeps.

Far beyond the Borderlands
There is no peace.
Will heroes march?
Will the maiden cease to weep?


Scott Anderson said...

Forgive me, but I don't get it. Can you explain?

Robert Conley said...

@Scott, I clarified it. It an idea for a setting for S&W Continual Light

Scott Anderson said...

I apologize for being such a pain. Thank you, I'm always eager to see what you come up with!

Alexander said...

Look forward to seeing more of this Rob. How big of a setting are you thinking of here?

Robert Conley said...

The map I drew is only a single 5 mile hex but I got some dungeons/adventures that should make it an interesting place.