Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fantasy Grounds is on Steam

Fantasy Grounds is now available on Steam.

You may want to check out the comments in the Steam discussion. Ignoring the troll posts it is interesting to see the question and comment made by a group of gamers who are mostly outside of the hobby of tabletop RPGs. Also there is more than a few "How do I get started with Pen & Paper" questions. It would be nice those veteran tabletop gamers with Steam Accounts took the time to answer. New blood always helps the cause.

I blog around Fantasy Grounds here.

I compared Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds here. The only thing I will add that last Monday I experienced my first downtime with Roll20 (lasted for a half-hour).

Right now I consider Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 the two choices. Likely this remain so in the near future, mainly because they have two fundementally different approaches for presenting a tabletop. One is  standalone software that each member of the group have to own. The other is a web based app that has a subscription fee of up to $120 a years to get all the bells and whistles. Which one works bests depends on the individual. In terms of overall quality they are equally good.


C.D. Gallant-King said...

Your comparison between Fantasy Grounds/Roll20 seems to be broken. Would love to read I because I use Roll20 and it would be good to see a breakdown of the differences.

Pulp Herb said...

Can't help while at work but when I'm home I'll give it a shot.

Robert Conley said...

+Herb Nowell fixed it.

Troy said...

I'm kinda biaist towards Roll20, I was part of the Table Top Forge KS. It ended up being folded into Roll20 and we all got permanent access of a sort. I haven't really gotten a chance to dig into to it.