Friday, October 19, 2012

The Fight On! Outdoor Map

A reader asked about a map I contributed to Fight On! Here it is, I drew a generic map for people to fill in with their own material. I just bought my CD full of 70s/80s style zipatone landscape fill and was eager to make a map using them. The symbols should be pretty explanatory. The triangle line near 0706 is a glacier. The line with hatch marks spaced along it in the lower right are escarpments. The X with a small L are lairs. The upside down triangles are ruins/points of interest. The circles are settlements. 


This map is open content under the Open Game License.
So feel free to use this for your own projects.


Rory Klein said...

Nice map! Where can one buy the tool that you used to make the map? The 70s/80s style zipatone landscape fill that you refer to that you used.


Jed said...

70s/80s Zipatone landscape patterns? Who publishes out the CD?

Alan said...

What ever happened to Fight On!??? The last issue was Fall of 2011. Has it closed it's doors permanently?

John said...

I used this map as a basis for a Swords & Wizardry campaign and it was excellent. Fight On! #14 should be out before Christmas, I believe. Calithena had some real life issues to deal with.