Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Taking a stroll outside of Dwimmermount

James of Grognardia ordered a Judges Guild style version of his Dwimmermount outdoor map from me a couple of weeks ago. Since he used the Outdoor Survival gameboard as his template and I done some work recreating the gameboard as a RPG map, it was a pretty straight forward project to do. I played around with some of the textures, finally getting around to recreating a scrubland fill to use for plains and other open terrain along with selecting a badlands fill.

 I enjoyed doing this and helping to get Dwimmermount closer to completion.

I reworked the northeast corner to fit the southwest edge of my Blackmarsh setting. If you like the tv show Fringe and parallel worlds then use the following table whenever the players try to leave Blackmarsh by land on the southern edge. Chalk it up to a weird by-product from the Mountain That Fell.

Roll a d10 (or a d12 if you are Jeff Rients or a fan of his)
1-5 they arrive in the Dwimmermount Wilderness
6-10 they arrive in Southland
11 they don't know where they wound up and it isn't good. 
12 Walternate greets the party and escorts them back to the Fringe Division where they are brainwashed into thinking they just came from having a really intense boffer LARP weekend.

Heading back north takes them back into Blackmarsh.


Michael Bugg said...

Daaaang. I'd been using Blackmarsh and had been considering using the Southlands, but I think I might just be installing Dwimmermount instead.

Jeremy "frothsof" Smith said...

This is awesome!

Michael Bugg said...

By the way, is there any chance that you'll put out an unlabeled, high-res version of this map out? It'd be cool to be able to change around some names and locations and then print it out.

Ynas Midgard said...

How is it different to the one appeared earlier in one of the Fight On! issues?

Jed said...
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