Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ebooks Recommendations

Baen Books ebook store has always been a good and hassle free place to pick up ebooks for my Kindle and iPad.

They have the complete collection of Lieber's Fafhrd and Grey Mouster series for $6 each or $35 for the whole set.

Also they have the original Paksenarrion books by Elisabeth Moon. One of the best novels about a D&Dish world to date. The author thinks about the underlying reasons for why things are in her world and relates to the characters personal lives. It makes a for a great read.

You can read the first book Sheepfarmer's Daughter for free. Note that she is currently writing a sequel series to the original Paksenarrion books. Interestingly they are not about Paksenarrion but rather about the impact her action had on the people around her.


Reese Laundry said...

I love the original Paks trilogy and it's had a lot of influence on how I view paladins in D&D. Also read the Gird? series, but didn't enjoy them as much. I had no idea she's writing another series, so thanks for pointing that out!

Robert said...

I didn’t realize Baen had the Nehwon books! Thanks for the pointer!

Moorhawk said...

I just read a fantastic D&D-like book for Kindle called, The Beast of Maug Maurai. Extremely well written with strong, memorable characters. Plus it's dirt cheap. I like cheap.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Paks trilogy.

gorckat said...

The Paks series is awesome...I honestly haven't read the last 50 pages because (at least to me) it has started to drag and is obvious where things are headed.

I loved everything up to the last third or so of the third book...several moments actually teared me up or made me rage.

I'll never play a D&D paladin the same.