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Scrouge of the Demon Wolf progress with a preview

Tim and I are doing the second round of edit where we get together on Skype and read through the entire document. We got a quarter of the way through. Tighten up a few things and reworded some awkward phrasing.

Here is a preview of one of the encounters.

Rob Notes: I generally find it easier to write the highlights and improvise the roleplaying rather than read a section of prepared text. Sometimes I will include a short section of dialog to help me remember the personality of the character.

The Greenhaven Inn
If the party stops at the Greenhaven Inn in Denison’s Crossing (#1 Denison Crossing Map), they will be greeted warmly by Thomas Avarlis the Innkeeper.  He offers them the roast mutton with bread and cheese along with a choice of mead or beer for 2d.  His special for the day is two hares in blackberry sauce which comes with bread, cheese and drink for 4d.  He also has three varieties of wines costing 1d, 2d and 5d a goblet (Dearthmead Red, Caelam Red, and Vontal White).  The meals are of excellent quality. 

Thomas the Innkeeper doesn’t know much of what’s going on in Kensla, but hopes that the troubles don’t reach Denison’s Crossing.  He is confident that the toll guards stationed here will handle any trouble.  If asked about the baron’s chief huntsman, Sir Padrin, the innkeeper becomes animated.
The best four days of business I’ve ever had.  They drank their fill at least three times and eat four courses every meal.  And to me surprise! They pay their bill promptly! I haven’t had so much coin since the fussy mages came through on their way to their Golden House.  I can tell you they were not nearly as fun.  Although I have to say that when they came back bearing those wolf pelts I had to air out the place something fierce, took two days with the windows open and three changes of the rushes.

Thomas will then inquire after the chief huntsman health.  If informed about the huntsman being in the stock he looks crestfallen and mutters that he hopes that it gets sorted out.

If asked about the Golden House, Thomas will explain that it is a group of mages taken to living in the wilderness about 10 to 15 miles northwest of Denison Crossing.

Since my grandfather’s day, they been up in the Herald Hills doing their magic and wizardry.

Also staying at the inn is a group of merchants.  They consist of four humans of Ghinorian ancestry and a dwarf.  They are heading towards Twinhorn Pass in order to go west to do some trading around the Romaillion Sea.  One of the merchants is Master Luidwald, he is a talkative person and will take any chance to speak with the players. During the conversation Luidwald will relate that when they arrived this morning, a tinker named Anvald finished eating, then headed down the road to Kensla.  He knows very little about the Golden House other than the turnoff is six miles north from Denison Crossing on the way to Twinhorn Pass.

Observant members of the party may perceive at -5 [-25%] that one of the inn’s servants is listening to everything they say.  This servant is Carden Malsin, agent of the Overlord’s Black Lotus. He is assigned here to monitor the traffic to the Twinhorn Pass and report anything unusual.

Carden Malsin, Black Lotus Agent; AC 8[12]; 3rd level Burglar; HP 10; HTB +0;
Atk 1 Dmg 1d4; Move 120’; Save: 13;  
ABL Climbing +2, Eavesdropping +2, Legerdemain +3, Perception +2, Stealth +3;  
Posses: Dagger, 10d.

Rob’s Note: Like the chief huntsmen encounter, some parties rushed through Denison’s Crossing as fast as they could while others visited the inn.  I threw in Carden Malsin as a red herring. None of the parties who noticed him tried to interact with him. The most one party did was keep a close eye out for anybody following them.

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