Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A turkey of an encounter

The other day, Kelly Anne and I went out for a country drive. Along the way we had a very odd random encounter.


Gothridge Manor said...

With the black lines moving around on the sides it looks like a weird voyeur film. And I would say since you live in rural PA that seeing a wild turkey would rank as a common encounter. Now had it been a dire turkey with teeth and a hatred for life, that would have been impressive.

Have a great vacation Rob and Kelly Anne.

Digital Orc said...

There are a bunch running around my housing development.

Sean said...

This is the second time a gaming blog I follow has seen fit to post an encounter with a turkey.

Wandering Monster

Really, turkeys are impressive enough that I don't mind. And, hey, it's an albino turkey. That's got to be pretty rare.