Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Sandbox spreads to Wierd Fantasy

James and I wrapped up some neglected business when we started talking about his Indiegogo campaign. He pitched the idea of me doing one of my sandbox settings as a exclusive bonus. We quickly came to an agreement. If the projects get funded I am drawing and writing my 10th? 11th? (well it getting to be a large number), sandbox hexcrawl.

The subject matter is going to be a bit different than the usual medieval D&D style fantasy I been doing. Like the Arrows of Indra map I drew, this is going to be grounded in a semi-historical setting with elements of fantasy added. I will leave it to Jim to announce the details.

Writing using history is a challenge as you need to meet people expectation of the time period as well add your original work. Luckily the specific area we settled on has a lot of cool things to work in for the fantasy elements and it is still at the center of the action for that time period and place. Plus the research for the map is already done as I found the perfect base map to draw off on the first try.

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