Monday, July 9, 2012

Editing the Demon Wolf

Tim of Gothridge Manor describes some of the editing process for my upcoming adventure/supplement Scourge of the Demon Wolf.

Already have a few items to take care of; revising a map to make the number key more easily readable, writing a brief summary of the encounters of the adventure so that the referee can get an overview of the action, and writing up some brief background notes so that referee can roleplay the cultural conflicts better.

 Adding to the previews here is the format I decided for the monster stat block

Wolf Pack Leaders, AC 6[13], HD 3+2; HP 15; ATK 1; HTB +3; DMG 1d6 (bite); MV 180’; Save: 15; Harvest: Pelt 10d.

NPC stat block

Ochard, Bandit Lieutenant; AC 7[12], 2nd Lvl Thug; HP 9; ATK 2; HTB -2; DMG 1d6+2/1d6+2; MV 120’; Save: 14; ABL Athletic: +1 Area Knowledge: +1, Intimidation:+1, Locution:+1; Posses: Leather Armor, Shortword [2], Dagger, 50d; Note; Dual wields two Shortwords two attacks at -2 each

The only addition I made to the base Swords & Wizardry stats are abilities from Majestic Wilderlands. They can be ignored if the referee doesn't use them.

Money is generally given in silver denoted by the d symbol. 50d is 50 silver pieces. The d symbol comes from the english notation for a silver penny and it stands for denarius the roman silver coin.

In the supplement half of the book I have some more detailed descriptions for some of the magic users. The supplement fleshes out the locales briefly described in the adventure and written so that the referee will find the product useful after completing the adventure. I give more details for the magic users figuring even if the Golden House locale is not used it would be handy to have a fully described magic-user similar to some of the NPCs described in TSR's Rogue Gallery supplement.

Swarton; Male, Master, Meditus Society, Age 52, Apprentices 1
AC 5[14]; 9th level Mage; HP 25, ATK 1; HTB +6; DMG 1d6+3; Mv 120’; Save 7 (+2 vs Spells), [100% Shield of Magic]; ABL Natural Philosophy +3, Herblore +3, Research +3, Thaumatalogy+5 ;
Spells: Charm Person, Sleep, Magic Missile x2, 2nd; Web, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force, 3rd; Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Fly, 4th; Ice Storm, Confusion, 5th; Teleport

Posses: +3 Staff (1d6) with Wizard’s Touch with Teleport Charm, +2 Dagger (1d4) with Return to Hand, +2 Ring of Protection Ring of Spell Storing 3rd x 1, 1st x 2 (Lightning Bolt, Magic Missile x2), Medallion of ESP 30ft, Cloak of Protection +1, 250d.
Ritual: 500d; Viz: 10;
Scrolls: Charm Person, ESP, Invisibility, Lightning Bolt, Dimension Door, Teleport Potions: Healing x2, Extra-Healing x2, Fire Resistance, Invisibility

There are few Majestic Items specific item like Ritual components and Viz that can be ignored if the referee doesn't want to use them.

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