Monday, July 23, 2012

Scourge News, Edits Round One is complete

Tim of Gothridge Manor spent all day Sunday finishing up the edits of the Scourge of the Demon Wolf. Now I need to review them and work on any action items he identified. For example this
Thomas the Innkeeper doesn’t know much of what’s going on in Kensla, but hopes that the troubles don’t reach Denison’s Crossing.  He is confident that the toll guards stationed here will be able to handle any trouble.  If asked about the baron’s huntsman, Sir Padrin, the Innkeeper becomes animated.  He exclaims that was the best four days of business he had in a long time.  Not since those mages stopped here on their way to the Golden House.  The huntsman and his party eat ate and drank lavishly and then paid their bill promptly each time they left.  Although the wolf skins he huntsman brought the second time stunk.  Thomas will inquire after the huntsman health.  If informed about the huntsman being in the stock he looks crestfallen and mutters that he hopes that it gets sorted out.

I need to rewrite the section so that it is speaking in Thomas' voice. So throughout the week I will be working on this and the rest of the document.

As a small part of my thanks for Tim, if you haven't bought a copy of the Manor or Knowledge Illuminates, both by Tim, take a look of at them and if you like them I would appreciate you buying a copy. As extra incentive I will pay for one copy of either to the first ten individuals who email me.

Update: One of Ten claimed.

Fixed it so you can email me from my profile. (hopefully) Sorry about that.


Timothy Paul Schaefer said...
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Timothy Paul Schaefer said...

Thank you for the generous offer.
I feel dumb, though, I can't locate your email address.
I would like to recieve a copy of 'Knowledge Illuminates'.
Thank you.

* EDIT - Needed more caffeine. *

Unknown said...

Although the wolf skins he huntsman brought the second time stunk. Either he needs to change to the or huntsman needs deleted.

Nope said...

hm, can't find your email?

Anonymous said...

I'd email you fro a copy of The Manor (I already have KI) but I also can't find your email Rob.

This is not a trick question is it? :-)

Timothy Paul Schaefer said...

Nope, still can't find your email.
Can't find your profile.
Maybe it's me.

Anonymous said...

Me neither. I found the link to the profile by looking back through the last dozen or so posts until I found a comment by Rob, but the link just leads to Google+, of which I don't have an account. Looks like I'm not meant to be a recipient. Too hard.

Robert Conley said...