Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scourge of the Demon Wolf Progress

I been at this module/supplement forever but I finally buckled down and began a serious push to get it finished. Now all 13 mages of the Golden House are statted up and detailed in the supplement half of the book. The Golden House, a conclave of Thothian Mages,  is the last section of the book and once that done I will be able to produce a 2nd draft and start having it edited.

One reason I decided to it this way is so that the book has utility beyond the adventure itself. It is two halves, the adventure and supplement. The adventure is tersely presented like the best OSR adventures, while many of the locale are fleshed out in more detail in the supplement half. It not necessary to read the supplement half run the adventure but will aid greatly in using it as a resource for further development in the campaign.

For your use and enjoyment here is the one of the mages I just wrote up. Note if you don't have my Majestic Wilderlands supplement just use him as a straight magic-user and ignore any MW specific stuff. Ritual is the amount of silver in ritual component used to cast spells out of the spell book (takes ten minutes). ABL are abilities bonuses for the skill system I use.  Vis is magic in a physical form and I talk about it in Blackmarsh.

The Magic Items were generated from a chart I am working on. It based on the idea that 20% of a character XP will represent the equipment budget of a typical character of that level. I then use the Magic Price List I created to come up with the actual items.

Numbford, Male, Master, Masters of Time and Space, Age 67, Apprentices 2
AC 0[19]; 12th level Mage; HP 50, ATK 1; HTB +10; DMG 1d6+5; Mv 120’; Save 5 (+2 vs Spells),
[100% Shield of Magic]; ABL Natural Philosophy +4, Herblore +4, Research +4, Thaumatalogy+6 ;
Ritual: 300d; Vis: 15;
Scrolls: Charm Person, ESP, Mirror Image, Dispel Magic, Lightning Bolt, Telekinesis
Potions: Extra Healing x3, Invisibility, Flying, Clairvoyance
Posses: +5 Staff (1d6) of Wizardry with Wizard’s Touch, Robe of Wizardry, Bracers of Defense AC 2 [17], Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Spell Storing 1 5th, 1 3rd, 1 2nd (Teleport, Lightning Bolt, Invisibility), +3 Dagger(1d4) with Return to Hand and Lightning Bolt Charm, Amulet with See Invisible, Walk through Stone 20ft, Fly
Spells: Charm Person, Magic Missile x2, Read Languages, Sleep, 2nd; ESP, Mirror Image, Wizard Lock, Detect Evil, 3rd; Lightning Bolt, Rope Trick, Suggestion, Dispel Magic, 4th; Hallucinatory Terrain, Wizard Eye, Confusion, Dimension Door, 5th Conjure Earth Elemental

Master Numford is the senior master at the Golden House having been in residence for nearly fifty years. He is also the last member of the Golden House to have been apprenticed by the original founders. He no longer cares much for politics, inside or outside of the Golden House. Instead he has turned his attention to Portal Magic specifically looking at ways to pierce the void and connect to other worlds. He is intently interested in any tales of inter-world travel and more importantly how they managed to enter the Wilderlands. Year by year this research has become his all consuming interest.

He wears a fur lined Robe of Wizardry while wielding a Staff of Wizardry, he wears the traditional pointed wizard’s hat despite it going out of style in the last century. Most don’t like looking into his eyes; one apprentice said “it was like looking into the wells of infinity”.

Treasure In Sanctum

Ritual 9,700d
Viz: 135
Scrolls: Read Magic, Read Languages x2, Sleep x2, Detect Magic, Detect Evil, Detect Invisible, Create Object, Web, Wizard Lock, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Dispel Magic,  Water Breathing, Limited Teleport, Dimension Door, Wizard Eye, Polymorph Other, Icestorm, Massmorph, Contact Other Plane, Extension II, Teleport,  Monster Summoning
Potions: Healing x20, Extra Healing x2, Invisibility x4, Flying x3,  Treasure Finding,  Fire Resistance x5, Giant Strength

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