Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gothridge Manor publishes the Manor

Throughout last years the OSR has seen several print zines being established including Christian’s excellent Loviatar. This month my friend, Tim of Gothridge Manor, decided to release one of his own, The Manor. Obviously I am bit biased although in practice we rarely cut each other any slack.

Something I only discovered in the past years was how much I like reading Tim’s material. I read a lot and some books I find an easy read and some are boring. Tim’s writing has always been an easy read and Manor #1 is no different.

The first article in the Manor is the The Salt Pit. It is a little different in that is mostly vertical adventure. It makes for a good side adventure as the players adventure through the landscape. It also shows off one of Tim’s strength which is his ability to create interesting NPCs.

Jason Sholtis contributes one of his numerous, and excellent, random tables. There something shiny in that Troglodyte’s Dung. It has some immediate use for the Salt Pit adventure. And don’t forget you get to roll twice if your character rolls up his sleeves and digs in.

Next is my favorite article, Rural Pennsylvania: The Ghoul House. Tim and his wife take drives in the countryside and have various photos of interesting places. Tim decided to use them as part of a series of articles. I was a bit skeptical at how well it will turn but Tim wrote an evocative adventure involving a lich and buried ghouls.

Rusty Battle Axe contributes a neat poem about an Umber Hulk

Next is an article of 20 forest encounters and a table to go along with it.

And last but not least is a article about a street vendoer named Oren and his boots. This include background on Oren and what sells and along with several adventures.

The Manor is a good deal at $3.50 US/ $4.00 Canada/ $4.50 Europe, Australia


The Great Khan said...

I got my copy yesterday, but only really had a chance to flip through it a bit, as I had company. I was impressed with the quality though.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: wondering why I keep getting a "Malicious Threat" warning every time I come to the site? It associates it with 'Bravehalflingpublishing.com/favicon.ico'

Any ideas?

The Bane

Gothridge Manor said...

Thanks for the post Rob. Always appreciated.