Thursday, May 24, 2012

Delving into AD&D: Bag of Holding

 In my recent post about how my players handled the Demi-Lich of the Tomb of Horrors several people mention how did the dispel cause the demi-lich to be lost. My ruling came from the description of the Bag of Holding in ADnD's DMG on page 138.
If overloaded, or sharp objects are placed within so as to pierce it, the bag will rupture and be ruined, and the contents will be lost forever in the vortices of nilspace.
I ruled that the only way of causing the contents to be lost forever from OUTSIDE the bag was to dispel it. The party leaped on this as an effective way of dealing with whatever evil was in.

Re-reading this also reminded me of why I ruled the Bag of Holding as an effective prison for the Demi-Lich. Even if the Demi-Lich had the power to force it way out of the bag, the bag would have ruptured and it would have been lost.


Peter D said...

It's a great solution until the denizens of the vortices of nilspace come after your ass for unleashing a demi-lich on them.

Or the demi-lich comes back from nilspace with his army of shadows, ether-dwellers, nether-dwellers, and whatnot armed with all the stuff people ever lost with a ruptured bag.

The Badger King said...

What Peter D said. I can just imagine what havoc a ticked-off demi-lich could wreak upon his eventual return from nilspace.