Thursday, May 17, 2012

Arrows of Indra Map

The RPGPundit has been working on his own retro-clone RPG called Arrows of Indra and there is a twist. This clone draws on the mythology of India specifically the Mahajanapada period. Along the usual material covered in an RPG he is detailing a fantasy India for referee to use. We talked and I agreed to provide the campaign map for him. Here is a sample of what to look forward too.

This the greyscale version of the northeast corner of the map.

Color version of the same map.

It was lot of fun working on this. Not only was a new and interesting locale it was my first project involving using real landscape as the base. The first map was also the first full blown test of a new greyscale mapping style I am trying by using fills and textures for vegetation and mountains so I can overlap the two seamlessly and clearly.


jgbrowning said...

Looks very nice. My only thought was the Great Ran of Kutch being a swamp seems a bit odd, but I understand it's very hard to graphically explain the odd moonsoonal nature of that particular salt marsh. Nice all the way around.

joe "lived in 132 summer degree weather in the Thar" b.

Sean said...

I don't understand why this has to be an entire game, rather then a gazetteer, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. For years back in the 80's we played in 'Jehangir' a campaign setting based, very loosely, on India. It was my favourite campaign to date.

richard said...

it's good to see some games outside Europe! Looks very cool. And I know it's not easy to sync b/w and colour - nice work.