Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Return of the d20 Hairsticks

Kelly Anne, my wife, makes beautiful hairsticks and sells them on etsy, a site that specializes in hand crafted items. In addition she has a line of gaming hairsticks that incorporate d20s and other dice.  In the past the d20 hairsticks have been one of her popular items.

Hairstick D20 Teal Lime Twist In Swarovski Crystal 

The D20 Teal Lime Twist Hairstick features an opaque saturated teal and acid lime marbled twenty-sided die with alabaster numbering on each facet, this polyhedron joined by a sparkling opalescent aquamarine Swarovski crystal bicone, Czech firepolished faceted lime green rondelle and silver plated shining cone cap above the hand-turned birch wood stick shimmering with rich teal metallic acrylic under a clear gloss of protective polyurethane. The D20 Teal Lime Twist Hairstick is 7 1/3" long with a usable length of 6".

Also Etsy started accepting credit cards in addition to paypal.  

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