Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dwimmermount Kickstarter in it's final days

The response to James Maliszewski's Dwimmermount Kickstarter Project has been pretty amazing. As the funding drive enters it's final days it nearing it's third bonus goal of $40,000. If it reaches it then they will be able to make a book of illustration similar to those found in Tomb Of Horrors and several other older edition modules.

I played in Dwimmermount briefly as part of a play by post game over on the Original Dungeon & Dragon forums. I found it an interesting place, that felt like a huge dungeon should. Moreso it accomplished this without the dreaded infodump.

Two levels were released to Kickstarter backers and they confirmed for me that the final product is going to be very nice to have. Even I don't run the dungeon as is there were a lot of good idea in there that I can use elsewhere in my campaign.

So if you haven't backed Dwimmermount yet, check out the play by post and James' blog over on Grognardia and see if this is interesting to you. I would sure would like to have that book of illustrations to look at and use.

UPDATE: With 38 hours to go the Dwimmermount kickstarter project got over $40,000 dollars. So it looks like they got what they need for the Map Illustration Booklet!

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