Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mongoose 2300AD Mini Review

Bought and read the Book. This version of 2300AD is just OK. It biggest issue is that it is not worth $50, maybe $40. The biggest plus is bringing the 2300AD to the Traveller game system. The second biggest plus is that it is a way better and more useful summary of the 2300AD world than the original core rulebook. Although the omission of Kaefer stats, an alien race, is weird.

The biggest downside is that the physical book doesn't justify the $50 price tag. And the deckplans for the starships are stupid. Why? Because there is no anti gravity out side of continuous thrust or spinning up a module. All the zero-g sections are laid up like Classic Traveller style deckplans with chairs, beds, and table instead of configured for zero-g conditions like on the International Space Station, Salyut, Skylab, and Mir.

At this point I would only recommend getting the $30 PDF. It is worth $30 for the Traveller conversion stuff including starship creation. You can then buy the originals at http://www.farfuture.net/cdroms.html for $35. If you don't own Mongoose Traveller get the mini rulebook not the big full size rulebook. In fact I recommend their entire line of mini-rulebooks over the big books due the quality problems of their main books.

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