Sunday, March 11, 2012

Into the Dwimmermount

This Friday I was able to join the Dwimmermount campaign run by . I was originally exposed to the dungeons several years ago in a short play by post game run over on the OD&D Discussion Forums. For this session I recycled Argyll the highland magic user I played in the play by post. Can't throw away that 18 Intelligence!

The game was organized on Google+. I almost missed it because I didn't figure out where the notification appeared until nearly the last minute. I will get back to the technical stuff in another post.

I gamed with Jason Azze, Ryan Browning and Michael Curtis; two fighters and an elf. We jelled pretty solidly as a group. Mostly because we were all a mellow bunch of gamers who had a healthy respect for the deadliness of low level OD&D. The experience of the Jason, Ryan, and Michael really helped to keep everybody hide intact and yet not bog down the exploration.

You can see some of that on my sheet with all the stuff I packed on Mirk Plook "Dark Spots", my mule. Over the game I found myself wondering at why I omitted things like rope and oil. I think that was an artifact of the setup for the play by post game. James' post over at Grognardia goes into the details.

I will add that I was playing Argyll as a bit reckless. Argyll has a 18 intelligence but a 6 wisdom. For example normally folks would avoid the Room of Masks as it was obviously trapped. But Argyll had to poke around so he got out his 10 foot pole and poke around eventually figuring out that knocking the masks off triggered the trap, which was a deadly poison gas.

The Dwimmermount was as evocative as I remembered it from the play by post game. A little better because we playing a normal sessions rather than the long dragged out process of play by post. I also just signed for the $40 hardcover level of the kickstarter project.  Earlier today I looked at the one preview level that has been released. I have to say Dwimmermount is shaping up to be a stellar book.

I think also due to the fact that James uses bog standard older D&D as the base that it should be readily adaptable to most campaigns. For example not everybody has a Turms Turmax or a Tyche but many campaign have gods with similar roles and could be adapted into their roles.

Due to time constraints I won't be able to make this a regular game but I do hope to pop in every once in a while as long as James keeps running it.

And thanks to Michael for suggesting that we try to be the first into the Depths of the Dwimmermount (hear those capitals slamming into place.).

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Michael Curtis said...

I figured we should make our mark in the Depths early for the bragging rights. I'm glad everyone else was in agreement!