Thursday, March 15, 2012

From the Attic: Janon News Report #1

Tim of Gothridge Manor co-DMed a couple of campaigns with me in the late nineties. One of the things he did well was supply "color" as the campaign progressed. One of them was in the form of news bulletins posted by a bard named Janon. This particular one was about Zik, a player character who was a elven wizard who loved his fireballs. Luckily it was GURPS Magic and Fireball only nailed a person at a time. But then it was GURPS that usually meant the person died or horribly injured.

Five City Guards Slaughtered!

Last night five city guards were savagely murdered. They were ripped and torn to pieces. At first, the guards believed it must have been a wild animal or crazed creation of one of the mages, but later on they discovered the identity of the killer to be an elf! This is a great embarassment to the authorities two days before the Jubilee of the Overlord is to begin. All the increases of security, the construction of walkways over the city, check points, and more guards was all for not. An elf single handedly destroyed whatever blanket of saftey the city guards thought they were providing. Although, I know little of elves and thier ways, I believe this should be a warning to the possible destructive nature of these outwardly docile creatures.

The elf is known as Zik. The city officials are also accusing Zik of murdering a father protecting his wife and child, crippling two draft horses, destroying a wagon, and the strangulation of a Gynorian belonging to the Brotherhood of the Lion. While the city officals are at it I would like to blame this Zik for making me loose 50d at the dice tables last night.

Zik apparently entered City-State a week ago and met with his long time friend Zepherus Hammerguard who lives on the northern end of Regal Street. The had some dealings together, although the details are sketchy at this point. Sources say Zepherus Hammerguard, Zik, and an unidentified person at this time ventured into the sewers and Zik did not return. The Frik brothers were on the scene and said they tried to warn and help them, but the mysterious adventurer hit Igny Frik with a powerful spell. The Frik brothers were so upset by the ordeal they went to drown their sorrows at the Red Axe Tavern.

Rumors of vampires are still floating around, but until I find more information I just let that dangle out there to tempt you till next time folks. Until then, stay away from elves and hug a guard.

as told by Jynon
Eventually Zik was brought to justice in front of the Elven Queen. Her sentence was simply.
As you treated others little better than an animal so shall you be treated as animal. You shall be transformed into a mule and for the next century offer a ride to all those who arrive at our gates. 
Again I have to credit Tim for coming up with this. The player's next character had a lot more respect for the powers that be of the campaign.

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Gene Sollows said...

Love it. She was merciful -- could have had the Lotus after him ...