Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is Goodman Games up too? A DCC RPG?

At the OrgeCave I noticed that Allan playtested a new RPG from Goodman Games in this article.

Even with my association with Goodman Games I know nothing about this and the details are few. But it appears that a Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG a retro-clone is in the works.

Whatever happens it looks like interesting times are ahead as another major publisher (after KenzerCo & Hackmaster Basic) is looking back at the hobby's roots to see what they can do differently rather than following Wizard's lead.


Havard: said...

Interesting. I wonder if it has any connection to the game mentioned in this thread:

Al said...

This is interesting, and a little funny. When Goodman posted a query on EnWorld a couple of months ago about what system folks would like to see his DCCs published for, my response was that I'd like to see their own DCC RPG;)

Joseph said...

a streamlined, deadly, 1st Edition D&D throwback with some D&D 3.5e influences

Isn't that Castles & Crusades?

Robert Conley said...

Yes but he doesn't own it which is often a big incentive in these situations. In addition he and his crew probably have their own ideas on to handle the dungeon crawl trope. Stuff that J Goodman feel that gives his version of the rules and the resulting modules their own distinctive feel.

Jeremy said...

At least for me, C&C took all the wrong influences from 3e. Never really liked it. There's definitely room for another take on it.

Antonio said...

Looking forward to this!
C&C is nice enough, but it still misses some elements which I look for when playing "D&D-like" games, namely, rules for morale and hirelings. Plus working surprise rules (the C&C one sucks; wisdom checks imply that the cleric is the best default spotter)