Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In the Beginning Redux

If anybody want to understand the context of the origin of my races. This post here provides the general mythology of the origin of the majestic wilderlands and the races.

The short version.

  • The One, God, Created the Universe
  • The One sends the Lords to order creation and teach the Children Races (Elves and Men)
  • Folks (Lords, Elves, Men) get it in their head they can run things better than the One.
  • They revolt drove the loyal Lords and elves in hiding and enslaved the loyal Men.
  • They became known as the Demons
  • The Demons twisted Men into the different races seeking better servitor races.
  • The loyal Lords and elves are able to engineer a revolt against the Demons.
  • Demons are defeated and imprisoned in the Abyss.
  • The Lords decide to withdraw and let the survivors find their own way in the Wilderlands.
  • The Lords still continue their roles as teachers but use faith and religion as their tools becoming known as the Gods.
  • The surviving races spread out, were fruitful and multiplied. Humans dominate.
  • The rest of the history of the Wilderlands (7,000 years worth)
Note that Elves are immortal in the Majestic Wilderlands and many still exist who lived during the Demon wars. In cultures under their influence the Lords are honored as teachers. For everybody else the Lords are worshiped as Gods with the full range of religious expression .

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DMWieg said...

Excellent! Simple yet very effective. I always get tangled up in deity/cosmos creation.