Monday, August 24, 2009

From the Attic: Operation Infinity

I wanted to run a GURPS game where players were members of a team going to alternate histories. I planned them starting at ground zero. It didn't really work out although I made a cool handout for it. You can download the PDF from here.

In case you wondering what the Authorization means. It not enough to have Top Secret Clearance. You have to have your clearance annotated with the correct codes. This is to enforce the "Only on a need to know" requirements of the highest levels of security clearances.

The first alternity the players would have visited is Dixie from GURPS Infinite Worlds One where the Confederacy exists in the present day.

The PDF has a unfinished diagram of the Infinity-1.

Operation Infinity

TO: Commanding Officer 2nd Platoon of the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company (7th Fleet)
(detached duty to Project Omega of the Department of Defense)
(stationed Roswell AFB, New Mexico)
FROM: Admiral Jonas T. Hardwick, Commanding Officer, Project Omega.
DATE: 1235 zulu 12/12/95
AUTHORIZATION: Omega, Delta, Chi, Delta

You will ready your Platoon for a Gamma Patrol of one month’s duration. Beginning at 0800 hour 12/16/95 you will deploy to Station 369 in Area 54 of the White Sand Proving Grounds. You will have until 1200 hours to reach Station 369. At Station 369 you will meet Operational Specialists and prepare for Gamma Patrol. The Mission is slated to begin at 2400 hours.

You will be transported in the Infinity-One Vehicle. The Infinity-One will transport you to a location corresponding to Area 54. You are to gather intelligence and information for one month at which time you will transport back.

If for any reason you feel that Infinity-One will fall into hostile hands you are ordered to destroy Infinity-One and go to Area 19 at Edwards AFB in California. There two months at 2400 hours 02/16/96 Infinity-Two will arrive for pickup. If you are not present then Infinity-Two will arrive two weeks later at 2400 hours 03/02/96.

The Infinity-One is a Quantum Conveyor capable of inducing a change in the Quantum resonance of objects. To a observer this will cause a disappearance of a object. Subsequent research has found that when the quantum resonance is changed back to normal the object reappears. Probes as indicated that objects are sent to the exact same physical location but devoid of the buildings and test equipment that were originally in the location. Further probes has indicated no harmful side-effects on living forms.
The last series of probes were mobile and were able to survey out to 1 km from the arrival point. All test indicates that air is consistent with normal levels, that plant and animal life is consistent with the White Sands region of New Mexico.
Also there are indications of human activities, several unknown radio transmissions were picked up and recorded and jet contrails have been observed in the sky. In addition objects consistent with satellites movement have been observed at night.
To date the radio transmissions have not been deciphered. There are two types one using a amplitude modulation, and the other a phase modulation. In addition several types of shortwave, and microwave transmission have been detected.

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Victor Raymond said...

Interesting that you decided to use that intro to the Infinite Worlds setting. I had some long discussions with Mike Ford about this when he was working on GURPS Time Travel, which resulted in a game in which the players thought they were in a modern espionage game (a la The Bourne Identity), and would stumble into cross-time incidents happening in this world. It was fun, but the players were a bit overwhelmed by the background and some of the detail I brought to it.