Friday, August 28, 2009

District 9

I just watched the movie Thursday Night and I have to say it one of the best Science Fiction films I seen in recent memory. Star Trek worked because of an outstanding job by Abrams, his crew, and it's actor in revitalizing a tired franchise. But District 9 is wholly original and it is Wow!

Special effects are found nearly everywhere in the movies and yet they never overwhelm it or look out of place. The Aliens look alien and feel alien. Plus the movies manages to use the elements of a traditional sci-fi cautionary tale without the somberness or heavy-handness that bring down many past efforts.

A relatively unknown cast bring their A-game as well. Even the documentary style, which has become a cliche for the most part, isn't heavy hand. Often the movie will switch to a traditional point of view and it works well.

For being set in a near future of our own world the movie has a lot of value for hard science fiction game like Traveller, 2300AD, and Thousand Suns.

If you like mechs the movies have one of the best I seen on the the live action big screen.

And like the best Star Trek episodes it also comments on the human condition in a way that hits home. The sheer squalor of the slums outside of Johannesburg is sad reminder of how far we have to go.

Go see this movie you will be glad you did.


Gamer Dude said...

Totally agree, on all points. There was so much that you could take away from that movie that it remains with you for days afterwards. Messages within messages...

And yeah, that mech: WOW!

Al said...

I wasn't impressed with the film. I did enjoy the alien tech, but I think the filmmaker put more effort into the "gross out" scenes than into the story.

I didn't hate it, I just hoped for a more "hard sci-fi" approach.