Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sometimes Chores can be fun

I did study of human propelled projectiles yesterday for my upcomming GUR...


Thanks to a brilliant idea by my friend Dave, a tedious chore of cleaning computer equipment out of my garage apartment became way too fun.

The Garage Apartment has my Game room.

Right now it is not used much as the local gaming scene has died out. The hazards of living in rural NW Pennsylvania. What you see is me sorting all my minatures into new containers. I used to use the blue bolt rack in the background but since Tim gave me his miniatures there was no room. My wife, Kelly Anne, knows where to buy good inexpensive storage bins so I got a couple. They can be found at Wal-mart in the craft section. I like them as I can peer through the translucent top and get a sense of what in there. The Air Speed book is where I store all my Dungeon Tiles.

The round table is from my SCA days and is from a historical medieval pattern. The cross legs slip over each other and the round top has groves that snap into place. Pretty nice and portable too. The brown table with the flowery contact paper top has been used by me since the early 80s when I was still in Junior High. It originally came from my grandparents who had it since World War II. The nice thing about that table is that the legs are held on by bolts. It is built so that one bolt holds each leg in place. It makes it easy to move so it has stayed with me all these years.

Also if you read the Bat in the Attic story that was the table we were playing on when the bat came into the attic.

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