Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Points of Light #2

I got some questions and comments in the last few days on Points of Light #2.

First Player Maps are NOW available here

Amacui has been drawn so that only the shore line is showing. Only the high peaks of the interior mountains are drawn.

Mazatl shows the surrounding jungles, the lake, river, and the lava. The contours were a tough call so I decided to show the top contour and draw a new line showing where the Volcano's base contour is. The players are going to simply have to explore to figure out where the breaks are or start climbing.

The Misty Isle was fairly easy to do. I just erase all the unknown Islands off the map. Leaving a empty area on the eastern half.

Unlike Amacui and the Misty Isle; the Golden shores is a little better known. A bunch of the interior villages and terrain has been omitted.

Hope this helps everbody.

I got a bunch of "Where the PDF" queries. Now they are up in the various PDF store like here.

I appreciate the feedback and hope you enjoy exploring the four new lands Beyond the Sunrise Sea.


p-w-b said...

I see it's also at, my preferred pdf vendor. Yea!

I have a quick question about the maps in the book. Does Goodman Games print the original maps you create with CorelDRAW? Or do they recreate them with some other software?
I'm learning CorelDRAW and am impressed with your work; I'm trying to figure out how to use fill patterns(?) to show a forest, swamp, etc.

Thanks! Looking forward to reading more.

Robert Conley said...

They use my original. I am not just the author but the cartographer as well. Now if I can just draw artwork.

As for the fills there is a free source for the basics here.

leadjunkie said...

Order placed. *Sits back and drums fingers waiting for it to arrive*

Robert Conley said...


Akrasia said...

Thanks for the player's maps. Those really help make the "Wilderlands" style of campaign come alive!

I just got the pdf for PoL2, and look forward to picking up a paper copy from my LGS asap!