Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Keeping track of the OSR and Old School Gaming

The popularity of Google+ for the OSR meant that blogs took a back seat for many. Now that Google+ is ending, blogs are making a come back. One things that developed for blogs in the last couple of years is a type of software called a Planet. Planet software aggregates the feeds of the member blogs to allow people to track many related blogs at once.

Alex Schroeder has an interesting website that been around a long time and combines elements of a blog and a wiki. Recently he setup a planet called Old School RPG Planet that now has several dozen OSR and Old School related blogs feeding into it.

The site has links to explain how to add your blogs to the feed and the purpose of the site.

One of the nice things about the OSR and the current state of independent publisher that the Do it Yourself attitude often lead somebody somewhere to come up with a decent solution to a problem that the community faces. So kudos to Alex for taking the initiative on this and hope that it continues to be a useful tool keeping the connections within the OSR and Old School gaming in general alive.


Pete Jones said...

It looks as if that website is using the blog list from Save vs. Total Party Kill. He provides that list so you can use it on your own newsreader on your phone, computer, or tablet. To get the list look in the archive section of his website. For newsreaders I recommend feedly or flym

Alex Schroeder said...

Not quite, since I didn’t want to add anybody without their explicit consent. That reminds me: Rob, can I add yours to the site?

Alex Schroeder said...

Hah, got your email. 👍

Scott Anderson said...

Thank you Rob; thank you Alex. I have a blogroll of about 150 osr blogs. How do I get that off my google blog in a usable format to send to you?

Alex Osias said...

An excellent post, of great import as an option to the community.