Monday, August 20, 2018

Updating the OSR Survey

For a long time I had this page attached to the blog. It is a survey of selected sites and links that promoted themselves part of the OSR or were about playing, publishing, or promoting a classic edition of D&D. It needs updating as it still get a significant number of hits

So  calling on the wisdom of the crowd for updated links and additional links to be included. The criteria is either it promotes itself explicitly as part of the OSR or the link is about playing, promoting, or publishing something based on the classic editions of DnD. This includes material like White Star or Star without Numbers.

I will look at the comments made for the next two weeks as well add in my own decisions.

My goal for the survey to give a novice a taste of the range of material and fuel further searches on their own. Along with selected items of personal interest that I wish to highlight.

With 3,000+ works identifying as OSR on RPGNow alone there no way a single individual can hope to present a comprehensive list unless that their primary interest. Even Guy Fullerton with Hoard and Hordes with a narrower focus on material supporting Gygaxian DnD, had to switch to a methodology of "stuff I am aware of" after 2012.


Frank said...

For the blogs, I'd love to see a 1 or 2 paragraph summary of the type of content that is typically on the blog (also frequency of posting would be nice). I wouldn't mind adding a blog or two, but I can't read them all...

Cross Planes said...

Greyhawk Grognard said...

My own self-serving suggestions:


Adventures Dark and Deep


BRW Games

Must Read Blogs

(Thanks for including me here in the first place!)

Please update Greyhawk Grognard to:

Thanks for promoting good stuff in the OSR!

James Mishler said...

My personal blog is now here:

My company blog is here:

And my Wilderlands blog is here:

Note that Wilderlands is both OSR and 5E, my company blog is thus far all LL or (older) C&C, and my personal blog is eclectic, though definitely skewed OSR.

Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

more self serving. don't post often any more (too busy playing!) but do post and some maybe decent historical content

DevDigs said...

Goal for the survey to give a novice a taste of the range of material.
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jbeltman said...

I feel you should definitely have Delta on there.


Luther Gutekunst said... and if I'm feeling self-interested,