Sunday, September 7, 2014

First bits and pieces of a 5e Majestic Wilderlands

Primarily I am doing this for when I run the Majestic Wilderlands using the 5e rules. Since I got this published book with everything nice and summarized. So I figured lets see how it works with 5e. It not like 4e were I have to come up with an equivalent of a Magic the Gathering card set (4e powers) to make a class.

So here is the result

The first class converted was the first class in the book, the Berserker. Wizards had a Berserker sub class for the Barbarian. Much of this duplicates that combination. But I went through and modified things here and there to turn it into a holy warrior from Thor whose orders are to kick some monster ass.

Also I though about the formatting and decided that it would be me more useful if I start at the beginning and list everything in order of level. 

The second is a reskin of the Monk-Way of the Shadow. If you read the account of my last 5e session you know that +Rhandom A's character Squirrel died. When we talked about a new character he was torn between playing a Halfling and a Monk. I said "Why not both." We brainstormed together and the result is the Halfling Shadow. Now there is nothing different mechanically between this and the PHB Monk. But by rewording everything, Josh and I found that was resulted was something altogether different then the Mystical Ninja of the PHB Shadow Monk.

So enjoy and I am interested in feedback especially in the format. Hopefully Wizards has a generous third party license and by this time next year you will all have Majestic Wilderlands for 5e in your hands.

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