Saturday, September 21, 2013

So what did you download?

Two days ago I organized all the files I posted to blog in one handy list that you can get to by clicking Stuff in the Attic above.

I got a fair amount of hits and it is interesting to see what people were grabbing.

The top ten Letterman style

#10 Ruin Generate
25 you were brave enough to download the source code my Ruin Generate program. It is the raw project although there is some complied EXEs embedded in it.

#9 OSR Primer
28 of you downloaded the OSR Primer a short (shorter than my post yesterday) foldable overview of the OSR hobby. For the record this is what I would use or say if I trying to get somebody to PLAY as opposed to telling what you need to do run a older DnD game.

#8 ADnD Treasure Types
29 of you downloaded ADnD Treasure Types. Normally deep analysis of the mechanics doesn't interest me but it was nice to see that there was a little bit of a pattern to how ODnD and ADnD Treasure Types were allocated.

#6 tie Magic Item Price List
32 of downloaded Magic Item price list. You heathens! How dare you have magic shops in your campaign! In all seriousness I am in the magic shop category mysself and I recognized the ability to buy magic items is one of those big divides from the earliest days of the hobby.

#6 tie  Elf Lord's Temple
32 Good to see one of my rough adventure getting a lot of downloads. This adventure has been well received whenever I run it. One thing I didn't mention is that the map I drew for this dates back 30 years. I have a computation book (not composition) which is a big huge durable book of graph paper used mostly by engineers and scientists. They are expensive but boy they last a long time. As far as I am concerned it is the gold standard of graph paper. The only thing that rivals it is a poster size sheet of 1/4" or 1/5" graph paper.

#5 Hill Fort Battle Map
Interesting that 33 of you downloaded this but only 25 downloaded the Hill Fort Adventure. Miniatures is another of those big divides that stems from the beginning of the hobby. For the record I am also a heavy user of miniatures even in my ODnD games. Dang, magic shops and miniatures I must gunning for being a serious old school heretic ;-)

#4 Magic Wilderlands Price List
40 of you downloaded this. Interesting that only 14 grabbed the short list. A couple of notes on this. First this and the magic creation costs are designed to be printed as a booklet. I recommend Adobe Reader for this. Second if you have people roll up characters for a convention game use the short list if all possible otherwise they will get lost especially when looking for dungeon equipment.

#2 tie Fantasy Demographics
46 of you downloaded this. Nice to see some interest in this. I have found that S John Ross method is about the easiest AND logical method of rolling up the shops in a village. Other methods may be slightly easier but they produce too many weird results. Weird is OK but in moderation. Also 23 of you downloaded the Paris Tax Roll. Way to go and make sure youbust those scofflaws holding out on the king!

#2 tie Adventure Handout (Traveller)
46 of you downloaded this campaign start handout for Traveller. I will look at my original files and see if I can make something editable so it is easy to replace the last section with the particulars of your campaign.

and the #1 download is.....
#1 ADnD Random Tables for Inspiration Pad Pro
47 of you downloaded this. I found the combination of DMG and Gamemastery NPC Personality Generation to be a great idea see. However trying to use the whole thing 'as is' doesn't really work out for me. Instead I pick out a half dozen element that inspire me and ditch the rest. You can download Inspiration Pad Pro from Nbos from here. I appreciate NBos making this free to download.


Chris C. said...

Lots of great stuff there, Rob.

My own favorite items are...
ADnD Treasure Types
Fantasy Demographics
Tax Roll Paris 1292
Make a Fantasy Sandbox

(Along with I Blackmarsh and some MW materials which I already had).

Anonymous said...

I claim Chris's list as my own. A lot of good stuff.

Brooser Bear said...

Thank you for all the hard work and all the wonderful stuff you created. Will definitely save me time!