Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fate Fudge Dice are in!

Fate is a popular system to use for many RPGs. It part of the Fudge family of RPGs and developed a large following of its own. Recently it has concluded several kickstarters, a new Fate Core, and Fate dice (which are perfectly suited for Fudge as well).

Fudge/Fate is one of those system that always in my "I will get around it" bin. So the price was good on the kickstarter so I got in for a single pack of three sets of dice.

That one barrier down to running a Fudge/Fate game as I have extra sets to for players to use.

The following picture shows the dice I got alongside a white set of Fudge dice I had since the late 90s.


Gothridge Manor said...

'So the price was good on the dick kickstarter'?

Sounds like two very different Kickstarters to me Rob.

Chris C. said...

Man, you guys are making me laugh this morning. I think since we didn't play Monday night we're compensating in the blog comments.

The Happy Whisk said...

I read the post title wrong. I thought it was Fat Fudge, and thought KellyAnne made homemade fudge in the shape of dice.

Anonymous said...

@Tim: Rob must have corrected it. I was thinking that playing Fate with Rob could turn out to be very weird and dangerous.

@Rob: I like the red dice.