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A Sandbox Campaign, the Nomar Campaign Part 2

Part 1

The campaign takes place in Nomar, a Ghinorian Realm with many elements similar to the mythos of King Arthur. It is ruled by Prince Artos of Dorn who tries to unite his facetious nobles in the faces of the Skandian Vikings to the east and the threat of City-State's Lord Divolic to the south.

The cast of Characters (created with GURPS)
Delvin - a dwarven fighter from Thunderhold wandering human lands to seek his fortune.
Durgo - a forester from southern Nomar who left his home and village under bad circum
Sir Cei Kerac - a hedge knight hiring on as a mercenary to regain the fortune he lost gambling
Aeron - a ordinary common man with special skills
Kermit - a half Viridian (demon), half Karian (Japanese) magic using puppeteer.
Sir Henry Kiefer - a young knight seeking to regain the manor that is rightfully his.
Brom - A Warrior seeking his fortune.

The campaign takes a left turn when Sir Cei convinces the rest of the party to buy out their contracts with the Red Hawks and head north to Vestin to join the Brotherhood of the Wyrm and their pending war against the Skandians.

E) Forest of Haleth (10/22/12) (Portly Pomp 13th, 4460 BCCC)
The party decides not to return to Abberset and heads across the wilderness to Gatmere. Durgo finds orc tracks heading east into the Forest of Haleth and the party decides to follow what is obviously a raiding party. Near one of the fords across Star Jewell stream the party stumbles onto a raiding party of Skandian Vikings! After winning the ensuing fight Durgo rechecks the tracks and finds out that he was mistaken about who made them. They were following the Skandians the whole time. (Tim made his tracking rolls but crit fails the identification of what made them).

The party finds out from their Skandians prisoners that Duke Divolic is building a road from Ichmenan to Skandian territories as well as a bridge across the River Lobregather.

F) Gatmere (10/22/12) (Portly Pomp 14th, 4460 BCCC)
Party arrives in Gatemere the night of the 13th and sees Sir Edmund the Bailiff of Gatmere in the morning. They reported what they found. Sir Edmund give them a report to give to the Duke Melan of Sykmet as the party is travelling in the direction.
G) Sykmet (10/29/12) (Portly Pomp 15th, 4460 BCCC)
 The party arrives in Sykmet and delivers the report to the Duke and his staff. Aemon was on the verge of leaving for Abberset when Sir Cei asks him to stay stating that his intelligence work has been invaluable. Touched Aeron decides to continue with party northward. Before they leave the party arranges to send their contract buyout back to Captain Hawkwood at Abberset.

H) Cumbria Highland (11/12/12) (Portly Pomp 16th,  17th, 18th, and 19th 4460 BCCC)
 On the road north to Vestin, just north of Ilyestead, the party meets an old knight, Sir Horleric and his teen-aged son Squire Armon. They are on the trail of a group of bandits and request Sir Henry, Sir Cei and the party aid in bringing them to justice. The party was successful and continued north.

I) Vestin (11/19/12) (Portly Pomp 19th 4460 BCCC)
Along the way to Vestin the party meets a group of monks who protectors abandoned them. The party safely sees them to crossroad between Fireside and Asbury.

The party arrives in Vestin and signs up with the Brotherhood. They get their quarters and disperse exploring the small town around the keep. They meet Sir Kaylum Granby the leader of the Brotherhood. Along with Sir Mordran Thorne which Sir Cei meet with in Shodan several days ago. Sir Kaylum explains the plan is to attack Heatherbush Castle first and keep the Skandian off balance with raids to the north and south around Tunworth and Gaithwell.

J) Forest Outpost (11/19/12) (Portly Pomp 20th 4460 BCCC)
They are assign as a raiding party based out of small forest output between Vestin and Tunworth. Their job is to hit the various Skandian villages around Tunworth and liberating their Ghinorian Thalls. This will hopefully provide much needed farmers for the ruined manors around Vestin, cut Skandian food production, and distract them from the impending attack on Heatherbrush.

cThey arrive there and meet the other raiding party led by the rotund Sir Wulfmund. After some looking at maps and scouting they decide to hit an outlying manor.

K) Tunworth Region (11/19/12) (Portly Pomp 21st 4460 BCCC)
The raid was a success, Lord Brik was kills along with his brother Thortig, and his son Thornar. The villagers were led across the wilderness and sent back to Vestin with a tenth share of the loot the party found. 

J) Forest Outpost (11/26/12) (Portly Pomp 22nd 4460 BCCC) 
The next the party decides to go further west and hit the outlying manor and work their way to the River Twiling. 

K) Tunworth Region (11/26/12) (Portly Pomp 22nd 4460 BCCC) 
They liberated another manor, killing Lord Tosnus. Rain starts bogging down movement. 

K) Tunworth Region (12/03/12, 12/10/12) (Portly Pomp 22nd 4460 BCCC) 
A manor is liberated along the shore of the River Twiling investigating the party finds a much higher population of Skandians than the inland manors. The party was lucky that they hit in the middle of the day when most were out fishing. 

J) Forest Outpost (12/10/12) (Portly Pomp 22nd, 23rd 4460 BCCC) 
The party leads two village worth of refugees back to the Forest Outpost and prepares to send them back to Tunworth. The party scouts the fringes of Tunworth and finds out the King of Ossary is due to arrive in a few days. They decide head back with the refugees to refit and figure out a plan to ambush the king.

I) Vestin (1/7/13, 1/13/13) (Portly Pomp 24th 4460 BCCC)
The party gets back to Vestin, sells their loot, and settles the refugees in. In the morning of the 24th one of the men-at-arms Sir Cei recruited was found missing. He was last seen going into the woods with a women. Durgo examines the woods and find giant insect tracks going to deeper into the woods. The party finds a giant sinkhole infested with Giant Spiders. They dispatched the spiders and rescue the man-at-arms and his lady friend. Within they find an ancient cache of the Dwarven Explorer Master Vanel. They find Halfling Joy Powder, A Tiger Figurine of Power, and most interesting a Spike of the Soulforger and the Hammer that goes along with it.

J) Forest Outpost (1/13/13) (Portly Pomp 25th 4460 BCCC) 
The party returns to the outpost prepare to ambush the King of Ossary.

L) Tunworth Region (1/13/12) (Portly Pomp 26th 4460 BCCC) 
The Party stage a raid on a manor just to the west of Tunworth. It successful in drawing out the King and a party of Skandian warriors. The party springs the ambush halfway to the manor and successfully surprises the King's warparty. The battle is close but the magical plate armor that increases Sir Cei's slam damage wins the day as the knight pummels the king into the mud. The party escapes with the King before the main Skandian force arrives.

When the King's helm is taken off when the party is shocked when they see Sir Kaylum the leader of the Brotherhood of the Wyrm!

Continued in Part 3


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It is cool to see the session summaries all together.

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Hi Rob - I'm gearing up to run a Moldvay Basic D&D game using your Southland Points of Light setting - thought you might like to take a look at the blog and see what I've done with it http://asongofswords.blogspot.co.uk/
As you say in your intro, it's a good setting for PCs to carve out domains, so I thought I'd have a go at a low-PC-level political game inspired by Game of Thrones.

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